BLACK PANTHER Comic Con Panel News & Highlights

please welcome to the stage director Ryan [Applause] uncle Beto then I poor burger [Applause] Booya Andy’s gorgeous [Applause] whis to do and within you right [Applause] yeah [Applause] welcome it’s nice to see you all here last year we just got a little bit of a glimpse and this year you’re all here stuffs been done I ran into Chadwick after I think it was a civil war and I said oh my god Black Panther is like one of the most amazing things I really hope there’s a Black Panther movie you go well who knows and then a week later was announced so what has it been like for you you know going into this project and you know been be you’re being Black Panther I’m sorry about that while bad no yeah anything you couldn’t see them uh you know what it’s amazing it’s amazing when we talked about this one beginning you know I couldn’t talk about it and it was a big secret so it was just good to be able to share bits and pieces with everyone as it goes out and it’s beautiful to see how excited people are about it have you seen the trailer did you get a chance to the trailer the Black Panther what are we going to learn about the child on Black Panther and what’s going on with Lokhande well he’s uh he’s returning from the events of Civil War so you know he’s lost his father so he’s just learning how to to to deal with becoming a new ruler and he’s still mourning you know his father’s death so it’s just it’s a transition period that gets interrupted very quickly right and is he just kind of struggling for trying to figure out what kind of King he wants to be exactly yeah I saw the trailer yeah a few times maybe maybe several times yo man what’s this been like for you Ryan I mean we were we were here last year and it was still very new and very fresh and I know this this comic in particular was really really close to you and really important so can you talk a little bit about your history with the comic and and how you brought it onto the screen first I’ll just like to shout ready to be background holidays and once every time I come back has become more and more especially when my first time always as I share with our last year I was all the way in the back like that for our back seat and being up here now with you guys is the same and and um and this this comic book is coming book in particular to be a part of bringing this to life and bringing this to you guys it means everything to me man I grew up as a you know as a young black kid in the Bay Area and okay I grew up loving comic books and it didn’t matter what what colors are coming the comic book character was I will follow x-men I’ll follow spider-man you know um but but I remember as I got older you know I wanted to find a comic book character who looked like I did and I’m going into the comic book shop and I asked if they had any you know in the first the first one I take the comic book owner took me over to see was Black Panther you know so you know falling in love with the character back then and being able to to bring it to life with this you know with this amazing studio and this amazing filmmaker right here Kevin fighting with these incredible actors and to be here at Comic Con to share with you guys is amazing man was there anything particularly in the comic that you felt was important to bring to the screen anything in particular yeah I thought that the best thing about the comic book was was that the child with somebody who got his power from from the people around him and from his history you know I mean history is something that’s incredibly important to me and my family the people that I work with most readily important to African culture you know um so that’s so that’s the really the cool thing I’m excited to bring to bring about this excellent this question is for latisha so what can you say about Sheree is there anything that you can share with Sheree is two challahs younger sister and she is like the technological like wizards of akanda she designs all the new technology she’s she’s a scientist and she was like a dream role to play you know inspirational innovative just strong black woman and then come on and not just a black poem about a woman you know and it was it was just beautiful to play that so I’m excited for you guys gonna see for you know sure he’s gonna bring two for Condor excellent yeah this is for Jenai who I feel like you’ve had a lot of okay because you you had so much weapons drinking from walking dead but did this feel like having even more intense process so did you come in feeling like oh yeah I know how to do all this already no I did not be alone I do whatever that was I did not feel that it definitely was a new process and it was awesome like we would all be in the room together like working all like five everybody would be up in there and we’d be in different corners or together doing drills learning new stuff new lines I mean she works with a whole different weapon and there are some overlaps but not a lot like it was actually a whole new process which was awesome because it was about what I love about her is that it’s all connected to the fact that this woman is driven by a love for her nation for her people and the beauty of Wakanda is that it is this place that is the most successful the most advanced nation on earth and on the continent whoa stop it get me excited right now I just love that about the movie I love that about the story and so the fact that she is really protecting that and that’s what drives her weaponry that’s what drives her what she does as as a warrior it’s all driven by love of her people and what her forefathers and foremothers put in place excellent Michael what can you say about Eric how does he fit into everything oh man I feel like Eric has his own point of view in opinions on Wakanda and how it should be ruled and he he Oh careful now killer ah he tries to UM he has his eyes on the throne he has his eyes on the throne so I think he’s trying to do whatever it takes to kind of to to get into you know to Wakanda to make that a reality excellent and then Forest Whitaker it’s an honor to have him here can you talk a little bit about jury and then being III guess sort of a mentor maybe to chala can you talk a little bit about his role yeah yeah it’s great to be here with everybody I’m still excited but first Comic Con yeah um yeah he he’s been working as a super spiritual leader and he was very close friends with his father as a result he’s started to has been working with him since he was a little child this was young and trying to give him the advice that would hopefully mold him in some way I guess into being King and following in that lineage of Kings and advises the Kings he has a relationship with a big job excellent just on a personal note I want to say to Daniel Kelly that I think get out with a game-changing George it’s such a brilliant job in redefining the genre and making something original and making something beautiful and it was it was an incredible movie and I want to congratulate you I’m sure you’ve been hearing that a lot here but so what can you say about what hobby um this is so surreal I can say about what copy I could say is to Charlie Szold his friend they were like childhood friends and he’s part of the leader of the border tribe and he’s head of security so anything that comes in and out so he sees the side of what’s coming into what kind of what’s trying to come in at Organa what’s what and he stops it he’s a very hidden figure nice was this it was it was this was it fun when you’re doing this kind of movie because you get to do it and it feels like it’s such a to be in this kind of a film feel so energetic and incredible but it’s an incredible amount of work I mean this film feels so physical it is it is that part of a challenge is that challenging to when you’re acting around like everything that’s so physical it is wild yeah there was a day our continent a continent it was younger this stuff happen yeah it looks like and I say yeah we really deserve the Sun training then everyone was had their own different fighting styles and it was fun and it was a drama that was like that was drumming while people who buy in and it was like watching on Good Morning Glory and then the pizza it’s also an honor to have you here thank you I know thank you I’ll be back what can you say how’s the experience been well I will say first of all thank you so much for the comic-con love I saw someone dressed as Eric two longer yesterday and I was dope so thank you thank you whoever that was already already they have mass they made their own masks and it was really incredible that’s so yeah so what can you say what can you say about the key is there anything you can share well I can say that Nakia is a spy and she goes undercover to the rest of the world and report a report back to what Conda about the goings on so what Conda is this isolated nation and it keeps to itself and in order to keep safe they have to send people like Nakia out they’re known as war dogs to let we keep what Conda on top of things you know what continent needs to know what’s going on around the world the world does not need to know what’s going on in Wakanda excellent and you circus all the way down at the end if you listen [Applause] he’s it he’s a bit of a poacher what is he what is he up to what is he up to it’s like well two things I get to wear pants in this movie and secondly I get an arm back you know because I ended up on the last movie losing my arm so I get my arm back which is pretty cool and of course you know Ulysses is he’s a wheeler delays he’s a lone wolf but he can pick up the phone to any government and compromise them and you know so you’d fit in pretty well in today’s society really it’s it was really amazing working on this set because I think Ryan Coogler is just the most incredible director in human being who has just created this wonderful beautiful life on set where where everyone was able to literally operate at their maximum use so he’s such a liberating director to work with it allows you to explore and collaborate and and I just had the most brilliant wonderful time working with all these guys amazing excellent oh did you come out to the line oh nice you know how to do it Andy Serkis Winston is this your first comic-con yes this is definitely my first welcome welcome this is this is amazing and I’ve only seen this online and on TV and the love and reception is just something that is breathtaking so thank you excellent so you we’ve seen a little glimpse of you in the trailer actually lifting another human being ah so what can you say what can you tell everyone here about Baku what can you say well um Baku is this a big strong ferocious majestic you know charismatic beloved leader a leader of the Javari tribe the best tribe in Wakanda all right no no no this is my time so the best tribe in Wakanda but yeah so he what really drew me and I found really hot about this role was just how human and the depth that was in this character because he’s really loyal to his people and you know deeply faith-driven and all these wonderful things that made him have a lot of range so yeah he’s a really cool guy really cool character you

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