Binbot Pro Bad Result! Stuck In 50 Thousand For A Month!! Live Trading

Hey, guys! FAYSAL here and welcome to my Channel. today I’m trading with Binbot Pro and I
have just finished trading with the Centobot. the new software I recently
joined and the result is good. I will show you later. so let’s just trade with RSIMA CROSS today. let me turn on
the robot. I’m not trading with my Doc Binary robot. you can see it
shows – 15 % profitability although my balance has not decreased. so
how come it shows – 15 % profitability I don’t understand. I have been telling
you that don’t go with the profitability because it’s their technical problem. sometime it shows 80%/87%/13%. today is it is showing -15 percent. so our broker is Videforex. I recently reviewed the VideForex broker
and if you have not seen then please click here and you will see it. it
placed a USD/CAD trade already so I’m going to turn off the robot. you can see
usd/cad trade placed for a SELL and the price is dropping nicely. oh my goodness! it
dropped and came back to its previous position. look at the order size. $5537 so from this point it placed a SELL trade. as usual for seven & half minute expiry. so let me just see the
candlestick chart. it’s kinda okay for me. as you can see there is a major
resistance point here but the price is trying to break out. let me draw the line
here for your better understanding. you see price touched and fell. touched and fell. previous points as you can see. so the price tried to break out
but could not. you can see a red candle is forming. it’s in the right
direction and right signal placed by the robot I guess. I’m hoping that the
price will fall. so what I was telling you that today traded with CENTOBOT auto trader for the first time and let me login to the platform to show
you. it’s kind of similar to Binbot Pro because the same group of developers
created it. I joined with $3,000 and now the balance is $3002.73. you know the good thing is it
places one percent per trade and let me just show you the trades. these are the
trades it placed. as you can see three trade is winner and one is loser. the investment 3 USD. it plays 1%
investment and there are mixed trading robots as you can see. there are currency
pairs and there are cryptocurrency robots out there. I joined invested $3,000
and with the RSIMA Crypto. so that is the quick head up about the CENTOBOT.
if you have not seen our CENTOBOT first session then
I will provide you a link here. let’s just see about our trade and it is
staying in the opposite direction. let me just wait and see what happens.
I will do a comparison video between Binbot Pro and CENTOBOT later
this month. the price is just climbing. okay final moments and the price is staying in the opposite direction. I’m gonna lose this trade. just closed the
trade. okay so my luck is not favoring me. you can see the balance came down. so nothing to worry about. so I just lost $5500 trade and my battery is running out. so don’t forget to Like and
subscribe to our Channel and until then take care!

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