Bali- All You Need to Know l Bali to Mumbai l KLIA Transit l Bali Tour Guide in Hindi

Bali- All You Need to Know l Bali to Mumbai l KLIA Transit l Bali Tour Guide in Hindi

The trip to Bali is now over. Ready to go back, the check out from the hotel is already done. I have ordered a cab for the airport, using Grab App. And now, I am waiting for my cab. I had a very nice stay in Bali. For the last 2 days, I stayed in this hotel, and its name is Mahogany, which I had told earlier also. Since I have checked-out from here, I would like to tell, It is a nice budget option in Nusa Dua area. The services are good. The front office staff is very co-operative. So I can suggest that if you are going to stay in Nusa Dua and looking for budget options. Then you may consider Mahogany. I did not find any shortcomings here. I have booked the taxi through Gojek App. Gojek & Grab are similar kind of application, Mobile Applications. My taxi has come, it is charging 40,000 IDR to drop me to the Airport. The price is almost the same in Gojek & Grab. You can choose, whichever you like. App-based taxis are available throughout Bali. You can go wherever you wish, but the pick up is restricted in many areas, like Canggu, Ubud & Uluwatu. So in all these areas, you can go using Grab & Gojek taxis. But to come back, you will have to take a local taxi. When I came to Bali, at that time, the local taxi charged me 80,000 IDR to drop me to Kuta Hotel. Which was not very far from the Airport. This distance is slightly more, approx 10 KMs, Gojek quoted 40,000 IDR for this trip. While going to the airport, my driver told me that I must stop at Krishna’s just for five minutes. Have a look, what all things are there. It’s a wholesale souvenir shop. And it is considered to be very cheap. Even cheaper than Ubud. Krishna stores is right behind me, I am afraid that I did not come here earlier. The prices here are unbelievably super cheap, cheaper than Ubud. If you are planning to do souvenir shopping, Krishna is the place. It’s very close to the Airport, must come here. It will take 1.5-2 hours to shop, it’s so big. I have reached Igusti Ngurah Rai International Airport, Trust me, this is the correct pronunciation. Ngurah Rai was a freedom fighter in Bali. Who participated in many battles for the freedom of Bali. This airport has been named after his name. The departure hall is very big, it’s not very crowded. There is a security scan ahead so I am switching off my camera. There is a long queue for check-in, it’s good that I am having time in my hand. Check-in, security & Immigration. Everything is done. And I have come to the departure hall. I stopped here because they put an installation for the awareness of plastic pollution in the ocean. I found one slightly weird rule in Bali Airport, that you can not carry selfie sticks or gimbals in the cabin. So I had to put all my selfie sticks & gimbals in my check-in bags. And now I am talking to you guys, holding the camera in my hand. The flight I am taking is of Malindo Air, which will take me to Mumbai in one stop , in Kuala Lumpur I have a layover of 3.5 to 4 hours. It’s not like last time, where I had to take many stops, Mumbai to Kochi, Kochi to KL & then from KL to Bali. This time I have taken just one-stop flight, while going back, you want to reach home soon. That’s why I have taken this flight. I had to repack my bags, when they did not allow me to carry the selfie sticks, I had to put selfie stick in the check-in bag, and from the check-in bag, I had to put things in my handbags. It took lot of effort. Still, I repacked my bags and now I am carrying one bag on each of my shoulders going towards my departure gate. There are some observations and some information, I want to share with you, Since I have completed the trip, I can share these pieces of information with confidence. Initially, when I researched about scooter rental in Bali while I was in India Then, in all the forums, it was said to be necessary to have an International Driving Permit. But I rented a scooter at least 4 to 5 times here, but nobody asked me if I had IDP or not. It would be good if you carry an IDP but even if you don’t have, then don’t worry, no one asks. Thankfully, I was not stopped even once by a Policeman. The rental prices vary from place to place and it’s negotiable mostly. If you are coming with family then it is better to stay in areas like Nusa Dua & Uluwatu These are nice places. But if you are traveling solo or with friends, then stay in Kuta or Seminyak That would be better for you. If you are staying in Kuta/Seminyak, you can go to party places, there are plenty of pubs, night-clubs & bars. In Nusa Dua, the ambience is totally different. It’s not like that you cant go to Kuta/Seminyak if you are traveling with family. Of course, you can go. After extensive traveling, I found Nusa Dua to be slightly better in South Bali. And you should split your days of stay, you should come for at least 6 days to Bali. Stay for at least 2-3 days in Ubud and 2-3 days in South Bali. Whether it is Seminyak, Kuta or Nusa Dua. For Bali the best/peak season is June, July, August & September. After that, it starts raining here, It rains a lot in December here, but still it gets very crowded during Christmas & New year. You would not get rooms in hotels, despite of being rainy it’s a peak season here from Chrismas to Happy New year. While traveling in Bali, if you are using Google maps, then whatever time it is showing just add 1.5 to 2 hours in that. Because the traffic gets very bad When you stuck in traffic, you stuck for a long time. It might take an hour or so. If you are comfortable riding scooter. for traveling the entire day. Then it would be better to travel on scooter, you will be travel more in less time. In car, sometimes you keep sitting & waiting and the scooter zips through for your left & right. The leg space is very good in this aircraft, very spacious in comparison to other aircrafts. There is inflight entertainment also. I think the journey is going to be easier. On my way to home, the first stop has come the airport of Kuala Lumpur. Although, I have multiple entry visa of Malaysia But, it is not a long layover. So I will pass my time in the transit area. rather than going out. The flight from Bali has taken for the Gate C, this is the hub of C gate. I have to go to H gate, to go to the H gate these are the aerotrains, there are 2 options, aerotrains & buses. if Aerotrain is available, then no one would take the bus. Aerotrain is very frequent. It departs every 2.5 minutes. I have plenty of time in my hand. to go to my boarding gate. So I will pass some time here at the C gate only. Let me see, what is there. There is something looking like a jungle. Jungle Boardwalk, let’s go & check that out. And this one option of passing time in the Transit Area Jungle Boardwalk. Inside the KL International Airport. This is the metro station inside the airport. I am going to take the metro train to go to my H gate. This is the departure area of Kuala Lumpur International Airport. I have come from the C gate to a junction by catching the Aerotrain. One side there is H & G gate G gate is on that side, and my H gate is on that side. Here are the A & B gates also. Maximum gates are on this side only. A, B, C, G & H gate are connected by the Aerotrain, which I just took. On all the airports, there are transit counters of the airlines in the transit areas. Like that. If you have any confusion, you can come here and clarify your doubts. I was given the seat no. 16 C, which is the aisle seat. I requested them to give me a window seat in the emergency exit row. They took my boarding pass, tore it down. And issued a fresh boarding pass immediately. So, if you need any kind of assistance during transit, You just come to the transit counters of the airlines, People are sitting there to help you out. While roaming in the terminal building, I came across a place called Napzone. It looked like a good facility, you dont have to clear the immigration, you are in transit. There are 4, 6 & 8 hours packages here. Which you can pick from. If you pay 68 MYR then you would get 4 hours, 6 hours in 98 MYR and in 128 MYR you get 8 hours of sleep facility You get to choose from these kinds of cubicles or massage chairs. You get lockers also, but there is no shower & toilet. You can use this for sleeping/resting purposes. It’s a good place near C gate in the transit area only. So If you have got long transit in KLIA, then you can come to Napzone. In the beginning of my trip, I told that I have taken DCB’s Niyo Card which is a global debit card. I was going to tell about its usage & features after completing my trip Since the trip ended today, I did many swipes & withdrawals using Niyo card. Now I can tell confidently that you can take Niyo card for any of your international trip. It’s a fantastic card, whatever forex rates that you check on Google, You are billed at the same exchange rate. If the exchange rate of USD is 70 INR then your account will be deducted on the basis of INR 70 only. Not a single penny more or not a single penny less. I was never charged any withdrawal fees on any of the withdrawals from any bank’s ATMs. When you are activating your Niyo account, You just have to transfer the INR from your Saving account to DCB Niyo’s account. And later on you will come to know that, whichever country you are traveling to your INR automatically gets converted to that country’s currency and you can withdraw from any ATM So, these are the few features that I liked of Niyo card, I am putting the link in the description, which will take you to banks website, You apply for the card online. A representative comes to collect your KYC documents And you get an activated card in 3 to 4 hours. The one week trip to Bali which included a day in KL is now completed, I have returned to my country, India returned to my city, Mumbai. The trip was very good, there were many challenges, which I thought, I would face in solo travel, faced them. Saw a lot of new places, Experienced & understood new traditions, met new people. Felt really very good. After completing this trip, I am feeling confident that I can do solo trips as well. Today I came in Malindo Airlines Would like to share a couple of things about Malindo. Malindo is somewhere between a full service & a budget airline. You get everything in the full-service airline, like Pillow, blanket and full meals, alcoholic & non-alcoholic beverages I got only a meal in this. There was inflight entertainment but without the headphones, if you want them then you will have to purchase it. If you are carrying headphones then you can enjoy the in-flight entertainment. I am finishing this video & the Bali series here. We will meet in some other city, Till then, be happy, keep smiling and keep traveling. If you can’t travel, then keep on watching my videos. You will enjoy. Like, comment, share & Subscribe. I keep on saying these 4 keywords. Please follow them, bye for now.

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