Axiory Forex NEWS 04-27-2012

It´s Friday, April 27th my name is Jeff Fretts
and you are watching Axiory´s Broadcast. Let’s start with the technical outlook for
the euro dollar. Price will probably continue after re-testing support S1 towards next target
S2. A Further fall will then open way to S3 support but if it rebounds from first support
it will negate previous conclusions and it will focus on daily pivot. A bearish trend
for the Eurodollar. Secondly we have the dollar yen outlook. We
can see a relatively sharp decline below the daily pivot and it is now heading towards
S1. If it holds its current momentum we can expect a further fall to S2 support where
it could rebound. Our indicators expect a bearish trend today. As long as the sterling dollar holds above
main pivot we can expect target at R1 resistance and if it will have enough momentum the next
objective will be at S1 support.. According to the summary of chosen indicators we can
expect a bullish trend. Finishing up our outlook is the dollarfranc.
If price re-tests the resistance it will have enough momentum to focus on R2 and continue
to rise, but we are expecting it to rebound from resistance R1 and re-test the daily pivot.
A Fall below this level will be indicating a downwards move towards support S1. Indicators
show a bullish trend for dollar franc today. First news for today concerns the Economic
Barometer in Switzerland which will be reported at 8:00 am GMT. Analysts are expecting rise
from 0.08 point to 0.26 point and medium impact on the franc can be awaited. Following that, the Bureau of Economic Analysis
is going to publish quarterly data about advance GDP in the U.S. at 1:30 pm GMT. In the previous
quarter GDP rose 3.0 percent and now is expected to rise 2.6 percent. In addition high impact
on the dollar can be expected. Last news for today will be released at 2:55
pm GMT; University of Michigan will report survey about revised consumer sentiment in
the United States. It is expected to have a slight increase in the revised number from
75.7 to 75.8 points and a medium impact on the dollar. And finally we bring you our summary of the
best traders and their strategies on Axiory which are available to you. The MHFX01 strategy in MirrorTrader jumped
back to third place and now stands with 851.9 pips. Vipsig-China and Taiyo remained the
same from yesterday. The biggest change in MultiTrader recorded V9direct which rose 3.3
percent and LowRsik investment and Heropips added almost one percent each. Trade Leaders
strategies on the downside recorded losses, WL Trading declined 4 percent and Joiny Jiang
even 8 percent. White Stone asset strategy is holding at second place with 447 percent. And on this day in history in 1961 Sierra
Leone wins independence after more than 150 years of British colonial rule. Thanks for tuning in to Axiory´s broadcast
and have a great day trading, bye for now

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