Alternatives To Trading The ES — What Market Should I Trade?

Alternatives To Trading The ES — What Market Should I Trade?

helo traders its a samurai trader here
welcome to this session in today’s session I’m going to be covering a
number of alternatives that you have to train trading the ES a number of members
felt frustrated with the ES just the way price action moves at time so we’ll
just have a quick look at a number of alternatives as we get underway of
course you need to understand the risk of trading do not trade with the rent
money so please ensure if you’re new to my channel particularly that you read
the risk disclaimer and members as you know this is on every one of our videos
if you haven’t already done so if you’re just visiting my channel for the first
time please subscribe where you’ll be able to be kept up to date with the many
videos that I actually record now when it comes to my form of trading only
trade one market at a time because I’m a fairly short term scalper that is if I’m
trading the NQ I’m after 12 to 14 ticks if I’m trading the ES I’m after four to six
ticks at a time so I find as a short-term trader I can only focus on one market at
a time so if you are newer trader perhaps consider that as well we’ve got
some members that do very very well in trading multiple trailer timeframes and
multiple markets I prefer one market at a time and that just really works well
for me now as members of the day traders fast-track program you would have
received this PDF in your kit when you first purchase your program and of
course this doesn’t scroll all the way down so you can’t see CL oil so it gives
you lots of different alternatives that you have in trading the markets so what
we’re after of course or I’m after particularly as a day trader I’m after
volume and volatility now at the moment I’m very focused on the ES because of
volume it’s in the fine it works well for me where I used to be a full-time
trader on the NQ you a little too little in the YM and
oil but right now I’m ES because of the fund on trading but there are some other
great markets at work really well and we’re going to have a quick look at
those so as a quick summary if I just take you back and excuse me for the
experienced traders you’ll have to excuse me as I go through this is really
for the benefit of perhaps newer traders or traders that are looking at
alternatives the ES of course moves in fifty dollar points four tick to a point
at twelve dollars fifty a tick the NQ is twenty dollars a point five dollars a
tick the YM is five dollars a point CL ten dollars a point TF the Russell is
one hundred dollars a point it moves in ten dollar tick increments now i want to
put these up now unfortunately for tradestation I which I trade with I
can’t get data for the nikkei mini 225 now nikkei 225 many it’s the most liquid
futures contract in Asia and it works during and runs works it’s open during
the Japanese session and it’s got incredible volume it’s got seven eight
hundred thousand contracts traded ain that’s a tenth the size of contract size
of nikkei large contract so that I think it’s a CME has a large contract
but the mini is one-tenth of a size so it’s approximately because it’s ten yen
of course and it trades on the For a member on the Osaka exchange it works
out to be around four dollar sixty a point USD now I know that through
various brokers in the US other than TradeStation you can actually get the
data and you can also run it through through ninja trader so I would really
recommend for those members that are getting home from work in the US and
canada and even those in Southeast Asia are using ninja trader and perhaps some
of the other programs or platforms where you can get the data
have a good look at it because it’s got lots of volatility it’s some beautiful
smooth trends so I think it’s some really well worth looking at and one of
our members recently pointed this out to me and it’s it’s really i’d highly
recommend that if you can get the data for it and if you can trade it on your
platform you have a really good look at that market now this is i was put onto
this particular which I knew of the CME forex contracts let me get this right as
I say traders my videos are all real and unedited and there’s no scripts I have
to excuse me here the September contract for the euro USD is M6EU16 now the
margin is only four hundred five dollars and it’s at 100 sorry 125 a tick one
dollar 25 per tick and I was just looking at that today and for those with
a small amount of capital it’s just something you may choose to have a look
at there’s not a huge amount of volume or contracts run through it but looking
at it today there’s a real alternative air and set there’s some if you’re just
trading under 10 contracts it just may be an alternative for you to have a look
at now of course all of the setups we’re about to have a look at some quick look
at some charts it’s all covered in the day traders fast-track program if you
haven’t subscribed to my channel this is before we go to the charts please do and
please visit my website to discover more about the day traders fast-track program
one hundred and ninety seven dollars gives you 12 of the world’s best day
trading strategies including indicators for many trading platforms I’ve now got
but please go to my website and you’ll be able to find out more information but
let’s go and have a look at the chance so let me just skip across here for a
moment so what we’re looking at here traders is the dow YM now we can see on
the left-hand side you can see a chart there i’ve got a six range which means
that each candle there is thirty dollars six tick six points and on the right is
an 89 tick i really like the 89 tick a during the
New York session and dropping down 55 tick go even lower during the globex session
and of course for those members all of this is covered in also an additional
recording and my preferred day trading chart settings so you can look at the
time settings that i really like etc now i don’t actively well I don’t day trade
at all stocks in the US but the 133 tick looks good on that flex Facebook 233
tick on the spy 550 tick looks great all of this you can is explained and run
through on a nine minute video that I have in your course so you’ve got the
PDF in your program so on the right is the 89 tick and wouldn’t just see here
you get some beautiful trends there of course you’ve got a t20 you’ve got a t2
a 34b 34b lovely t7 so that’s on the 89 tick if we just have a quick look at the
range now one reason I’ve brought the Ranger I like the range on some of the
what I call spiky markets it just can smooth out the chart so you’ll hear me
quite often talk about rain chance on the ym and NQ it can smoothen out with
that being said I would try was generally trading tick charts on there
but a lot of members have come back to me and said look I find it a bit choppy
what can we do about that well a consideration might be to go and have a
look at range so what we’re looking at here is the ES now the ES this is a 550
tick and some traders to find these areas I’m difficult to trade once again
i love the ES it’s great for volume you can easily trade on a 10 lot trader i
get virtually no slippage on a market order and one thing on that a lot of
that traders have come back to me and said or at times last meal why don’t use
limit orders instead of market orders well as a scalper I’m basically trading
momentum and if i’m using a limit order by the time I
quite often my move is well and truly over and as I’m only scalping typically
four to six ticks you know the moves over it’s finished that’s why i prefer market
orders so in the Globex session which we have right now i’m recording this at 3:38
Australian time are you get on a used limit orders basically every day but
during the New York session on the market order person now if we now have a
look at what have I got on this chart we look at the NQ now the NQ we’ve got
before you on the right hand side we’ve got the 133 tick and let me just get
this right here so we’re looking at the same time frame okay so there so this is
the 1.5 range or six tick NQ and this is the 133 share bar so if we look at that
there we’re getting more candles of course appear on the NQ and if that’s
too fast for you simply maybe go up to a to range sorry a yeah to range which i
ticks and it would slow that download or if it’s moving too quickly for you but I
just find them the markets a lot smoother in my opinion I just prefer
using range for the newer traders so when I say before let me give that
clarify that because otherwise members jump on this straight away what do you
mean by that I’m comfortable with tick over here on the right but if you find
its two would be consider the range that’s what I’m really saying there so
there are lots of alternatives to trading the ES so in my order of
preference let’s just quickly go back to the PowerPoint and we’ll have a look at
that where are we here okay I would start off with the NQ the the YM we’ve
got some members a kick-butt and really like the way in now mathematically i
should point this out to at five dollars a tick compared to 12 dots 50 per tick
you’re actually better off you get what we call more bang for the buck on the
NQ and YM now another beautiful trendy
market is the black gold is CL you can do really well on there but as it with
all markets traders they have different personalities so what you want to do is
to spend time on those markets and this leads me into one more thing I’ve got to
bring this up now ill lighting go back in i think it was nineteen fifty-eight
he actually recorded the very first motivational record on personal
development and it was called The Strangers of a stranger secret and of
course Earl Nightingale for those are oldies in the states he was a famous
radio announcer and he interviewed hundreds of successful people on his
radio show and he brought he brought these record at it was called the
straight the st. the strangest let me get this right sorry the strangest
secret and the strangest secret was come down the one thing when he analyzed what
all of these famous people why they succeeded and it come down to we become
what we think about we become what we think about now he also come up with
this great quote which is really applicable today trading traders never
give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it the
time will pass anyway in one year’s time you can either stand back and say well
I’ve done it I’ve made it or you can regret it and I think what does am I
think it was the great Jim Rowland used to say discipline ways answers will regret
weighs tons in other words traders what I’ve just covered for some of you may be
well a little bit overwhelming but take your time treat it as a three to
six-month experimental or should research that experiments research
project because the times are still get almost daily some people come back and
say there’s so much to learn well traders you got the greatest opportunity
in the world today so give yourself time which is really important so we can see
here we’ve got a fantastic market it’s you’ve got CL ym and NQ with the
Russell by the way I’m not a big fan of a Russell that’s just me other traders
love the Russell so spend some time on all of those markets and the nikkei if
you can get that data traders do some research I really think and I’m
seriously i’m just looking at what do i do as a trade station user I’ve been
with tradestation for many many years and it’s a real bummer i can’t get the
data for it because i would probably be trading that market right now because
the trends that it runs a beautiful it really is now the few of the forex
market there the CME contract there on the futures contract it just doesn’t
have the volume to make me feel really comfortable but it may be a
consideration for the smaller traders so all of this of course is covered in the
day traders fast-track program for members are as a reminder you’ve got the
futures cheat sheet in your course if you can’t find it drop me an email or
suit you add another one of course so there’s a nine minute video where I
cover this preferred day trading times of course and a whole lot more so I hope
you get some ideas and some strategies out of this video Thank You traders

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