3 Times Monica and Chandler Taught Us About Money

– Let’s dive in and talk about what is and what isn’t
communicating well about money. And it just so happens that my favorite show
of all time is Friends. And well, this TV show has
a lot of great examples about money miscommunication. So, let’s learn from our friends on how to avoid misunderstandings with people in our life about money. Family. Not good communication: Spending your daughter’s
wedding fund on your beach house and not telling her until
months before the wedding. Do you remember when
Monica’s parents did that? Yes. What would’ve been good communication is if Monica’s parents, if they couldn’t come up with the money to fund the beach house, they should’ve given her plenty of notice so that she wasn’t in a
bind relying on that money. She needed time to save for
herself for her wedding. Friends. Not good communication: Do you remember when Chandler goes all out for Ross’ birthday? Buying concert tickets, a gift, a cake . . . And then he springs it on
the rest of the friends and expects them to contribute $62 each? Well, what is good communication is that Chandler should’ve
sent out an email to all the friends on the front end to see how much they
were able to contribute, while keeping in mind that Rachel, Phoebe and Joey were probably in between
jobs and strapped for cash, like they were the entire season. Spouses. Not good communication: Going behind your spouse’s back and asking a friend for a loan, like Monica and Chandler did
without telling each other. They both asked to borrow money from Joey and wanted him to keep the secret. But what is good communication would be talking about your money issues openly with your spouse. You guys, money fights is one of the leading causes of divorce. So it is crucial for you to get
on the same page with money. I wish I could’ve told
Monica and Chandler that. But to avoid having
miscommunication like this, make sure you download my
six money conversations to have with your spouse. Just click the link in the show notes.

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