191206 [ENG SUB] EXO & X-EXO Interview in Music Bank, Winning Speech, Relay Dance 엑소 엑스 엑소 뮤직뱅크 인터뷰

Bomin ssi, What is my most favorite alphabet? – I know, it’s A!
– Wrong! – B!
– Wrong! – C!
– Wroooong! A, B, C, D, E X O Ahh.. that’s right, it’s the album I was really waiting for, let’s see EXO Hello 1, 2, 3 Hi We are ONE We are EXO Wow – Nice to meet you, please great your fans who were waiting for you. All right! Hello everyone, EXO is back, I missed you a lot!
I love you! Aren’t we gonna do team greeting? Haven’t we done that already? We did that? already?
I’m sorry Yeah It’s been a long time, since EXO had a comeback.
I love you! I really missed you please wait for our stage today Guys I really missed you We wanted to see you in winter, please be careful to not catch cold Hiiiii! Nice to meet you! I will work hard!
(He just said it really cute) Thank You! This time your title is Obsession, it’s really amazing. Can you explain about it? It’s about getting free of a dark image of ourselves… we get free… we get free It’s a one sided song… yeah After what you described I get more curious about the stage, can you tell us 3 main points of the stage? There’s 2 different concepts… so it’s about member’s face… and member’s… ah … I’m sure you know right? that’s it… yeah! (Congratulations you ruined lee sooman YEOL!) Yeah I get it, We wanna know about EXO so it’s time for our quick tmi, please response really quick -yeah
-I’m starting What is Baekhyun ssi’s recommended menu for today?
-Chicken What’s Chen ssi’s recommended song from album? Jekyll -Is it Chicken?
– Jekyll
-Oh Jekyll Jekyll Please sing for us
-Yeah WOW! yeah Short rib soup or spicy soup? Galbittang(spicy soup), cuz I’m korean What’s first thing sehun ssi said today after waking up? I don’t want to get up What concepts suit you performance so you think? I think both of them suit us Suho ssi how do you describe your feeling right now? I’m happy Who are they let’s announce them quicky… Hi 1, 2, 3 Hi ONE are we We are X-EXO Wow
OH EXO members just left here Yeah EXO members just left here, and we are X-EXO, And the 1st place is X-EXO for sure today Everyone this is X-EXO, it’s been long time since you’ve been her, please say your greetings At first thanks for giving lots of love! Ah.. Thank you Special Thanks for our Eris Ah.. I believe us being candidate is bus of X-EXO not EXO We are the only first place nominates! I want to win that, please help us I’m not worried about anything… Thanks Ah… EXO-L Thank you! I love you.. yeah that’s it it’s time to ask X-EXO sunbaenim what we are really curious about We will give you two options and you need to choose among them Baekhyun ssi americano or ice americano? I choose ice americano even if it’s freezing to death Well Chen sunbaenim if you wanna travel you will pick a touristing area or relaxing area? Relaxing Also Kai sunbaenim Short rib soup or spicy soup? Malattang(Short rib soup ) So sehun sunbaenim if you go to an amusement park, will you try roller coaster or merry go round? none.. viking ride Chanyeol Sunbaenim, would you prefer sweet concept or sexy charismatic? I dislike both And finally suho sunbaenim, EXO or X-EXO? X-EXO Yeah thank you so what have you prepared to show your fans if you win? Well… we will do relay dance.. please wait for it Yeah we will Yeah please wait for exo’s relay dance stage, please introduce next stage Yeah… shiny stage of golden child, wannabe Let’s watch together, music starts Digital Score Live Stream
Stage Score
Physical The winner is Congratulations, EXO, OBSESSION Thank You aah… Let me say thank you to our EXO-Ls at first I’m really sorry for always making you wait Thank you for giving love to EXO even while waiting IN the future we will keep working hard as EXO We Are ONE Let’s Love EXO
thank you Also at the end of this winter, EXO will be in charged. Let’s be happy until the end of the year together! Thank you Yeah Congratulation to EXO OBSESSION Relay.. Relay.. Relay I have to change the speed bcs of copyright so they might sound weird, but in original ver. they all sang stunning

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