1 on 1 consultation to a trader in Myanmar. Got a video message from him.

Hello, Konnichiwa! it’s Kei from Japan. I did another 1 on 1 consultation for a trader
and this time, he is from Myanmar. And I got a video message from him so I will
show it to you later, but let me briefly explain about him. His name is Mr. Toe and he is young, passionate,
and a really motivated guy who really wants success in forex trading. During almost like 1 hour of video chat conversation,
I walked through how I actually analyze the market, when to enter and exit, and also some
of the mindset that’s necessary to be a professional trader. And he’s been asking me a lot of questions,
you know, he is one of the guys who’s got lots of questions but I could see in his eyes
that he’s got those questions in order for himself to improve and get success in his
trading, you know, I could really feel the enthusiasm that he really wants to be good
at it, and become a professional trader and wanting to be able to live by that. And during the conversation, I heard that
there are very few trading books in Myanmar so I was really glad to help him out this
time. So, here is the message I got after the session. Alright, Mr. Toe. I really appreciate your message, and I also
thank you for connecting with me like this. I really enjoyed the conversation with you
too. You know, one of the words that caught my
attention was that, during the consultation, he said “everyone around me thinks forex
trading is a gambling.” And I was like “same here!” you know. Some people around me think forex is just
a gambling, for example, close one would be my father, he thinks it’s just a gambling. And to be honest, forex can be gambling but
it can also be a professional job. And I think the difference whether it becomes
a gambling or not depends the definition of gambling. Here, in the dictionary, officially the definition
is “play game of chance for money” and look at the second line, it says “take risky
action in the hope of a desired result.” Take risky action in the hope of a desired
result. So for those who think forex trade is a gambling,
I guess they see it’s risky to just to hope a desired result. And, to tell you the truth, if you just focus
on the risk and the hope, then forex trade can be a gambling. But if you can manage them, then it’s not
a gambling any more. The point is how to manage the risk of your
own money on each trade and also how to manage the overall profit in a long run, and to do it
without hoping too much, you know. And that’s why this job requires discipline,
and patience. And if you think about it, if you do anything
with just based on the risk and hope, anything, you know, anything whether it’s a job or
relationship or your life itself, can be a gambling, You know, sometimes you might be
doing something to risk your own time, or your own heath, or sometimes even your own
emotions, for the sake of your short-term hope to make it come true. And that’s not called professional, in whatever
you do. And Mr. Toe also thinks forex is not a gambling,
and he wants to be a professional trader, and I really encourage him to be the one. So, thank you again Mr. Toe for your time
for the consultation, I also enjoyed it so much. And I really “hope“ to be a successful
trader in a “long-term” and get success in your life as well. Arigato, Stay Gold, Cheers,

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