❤️ Vibrational currency and Emotional well being 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction

❤️ Vibrational currency and Emotional well being 💜 Abraham-Hicks (LOA) Law of Attraction

so let’s talk about money and let’s
think about what you can do with money what money
how many positively affects your experience and it’s easy to have a
discussion about what you could do with money with lots more money with twice as
much or ten times as much or a hundred times as much you can think about what
you can do with money so you sort of focused on what you might want to do
with money and now let’s talk about how you’re gonna get some money and how
money is it’s portable it’s tangible its exchangeable and it’s spendable and
you’d like to spend money you’d like to spend money but in order to spend money
you have to get money to get money to spend money and there’s the rub right
there there’s the rub so now if I don’t have if I’m not in the
money place that I want to be in then thinking about money is just annoying
because I don’t have money and so as I’m thinking about spending more money I
just get more and more out of balance because for me to be in balance relative
to money money in money out money in money out and what I’m stumbling over is
how to get the money in how to get it in so the discussion isn’t pleasant and
nothing changes very much and I’m sort of living the same life year after year
after year in relationship to money money got to figure out how to get it
and where to get it and when it will come and where it will come from and who
they open and and the more I talk about this the worse it feels to think about
money we don’t want you to think about money because money is
park further down the road money is the manifestation part money is realized by
you later on in the scenario what we want you to think about is the
vibrational currency that you all have access to we want you to spend
vibrational currency not money now stay with us because it feels tricky it is a
trick but it will serve you really really well there is this vibrational
currency a vibrational currency that you’re already tapped into and getting
the vibrational currency is so much easier than getting the money because
you have the doors closed to getting the money in some regards but you can more
easily open the doors to the vibrational currency now just stay with us just a
little bit so instead of thinking about money we want you to find the emotional
vibrational equivalent to money like like the feeling of freedom think about confusion and clarity
confusion not wanted clarity wanted can you feel how it’s just a mindset to find
the difference that you can find clarity over confusion just by focusing your
mind can you feel how money feels harder to accomplish them clarity because
clarity is a mindset but money needs a job money needs a job money needs a
means money needs a way to get it to yourself stay with us so what we’re
wanting you to begin feeling from us is that in the same way that you can move
in very short period of time from confusion to clarity or from a bad mood
to a good mood you can you do it with your kids all the time you can talk
somebody into a good mood you can talk yourself into a good mood especially if
you start earlier in the day so if if you’re following us a little bit here
we’re talking about vibrational currency clarity is vibrational currency so now
let’s relate that to dollars how can you how can you find an emotional word which
is to say how can we find a vibrational currency word about money it feels free
it feels secure it feels easy it feels nice
now as you find those feelings you have accomplished a wobble free moment while
you’re focused upon the subject of abundance or currency and in that
absence of wobble free if you sustained this and we want you to do it over the
next few days when you think about money don’t think about where it’s coming from
think about the vibrational currency that you have access to right this
minute we want you to begin thinking about the emotion that you can
accomplish right here and now because the emotion is the first
manifestation the money will be a later manifestation but if you don’t get the
first manifestation you’re not gonna get the later manifestation are you with us
all right are you with us did you it’s so good we have not had this
conversation in this way before but this is the way you turn thoughts to things
this is the way the vibration becomes a reality you have to let it be an
emotional reality first and you have to practice it as the emotional reality
long enough that you’re stable in it because when you’re stable in it long
enough now momentum is going to ensue and things are gonna show up for you and
you’re gonna say we’re how could I’ve been missing that it was there all along
so now now would you like that we like that so much we like that so much so so
now you take a subject about your physical well-being a diagnosis you you
don’t you don’t you not only don’t have money in the bank you’ve got a great big
old debt with it’s a medical diagnosis that has a big old label on it and so
it’s not easy to just all of a sudden erase that from your mind and it’s not
easy to find a path in the same way that people are having a hard time these days
a bit finding a path of money into their experience while they could find the
path of a feeling good into their experience instantaneously since they
haven’t found the way since there’s not a specific cure or a specific thing that
other people have done enough that you can just believe it for sure
then it gets you all hung up you’ve got to come through the back door like
Esther always does through the belly of the well where there’s always somebody
back there with a key you’ve got and somebody’s already put the arrows on the
walls for you in other words you got to come in it a different way and that
different way is you have to focus on the emotional accomplishment that you
can accomplish not the manifestation apart that is a little slower in coming
and it is our promise to you it is our absolute promise to you is
there absolute promise to you that if you find this emotion of well-being
because its present in so many other ways look at you look at how you are
feel you’re hardiness feel you’re clarity
feel feel the stamina that you have in other words there is so much evidence of
physical well-being if you will ignore the piece that’s out of whack and
amplify the things that make you emotionally feel strong you don’t have
to feel emotionally strong for very long for the money to start flowing and you
don’t have to feel emotionally strong for very long before the well being is
dominant within your experience either that’s how you turn thoughts to things
you mold them in your emotional center by caring about how you feel and you
find yourself unwilling to think scary thoughts and I’m willing to think
thoughts that don’t feel good about anything you say that’s the path and
it’s an easy path it’s as easy as changing confusion to clarity it’s
exactly the same process it’s that easy yeah thank you


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    Diabetes? This is about money not diabetes 😔


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